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Link-Belt with 40 offset
Link-Belt with 40 offset

Professional crane and heavy hauling rental in Colorado, Wyoming and the Northern Rocky Mountains.

KP Squared supplies job sites with crane rentals and heavy hauling services. Founded in 2016, the experience of our team members spans many generations, and our specialty services, safety record and high level of professionalism are what set us apart from competing crane rental services in the region. All of our crane operators are NCCCO certified ensuring we are updated on all the latest industry standards and provide the safest services possible. If you need it moved, we’ve got the equipment to get the job done.
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Our Crane Rental Services

KP Squared offers crane rentals for any and all of your lifting needs. 

Crane Rental Services

Crane Rental Services
KP Squared serves numerous industries with pride, safety and a true level of professionalism. We offer a range of crane sizes to meet your needs.


KP Squared is proud to not only offer the best crane rental and heavy hauling services, but also a large variety of top quality mechanic services. With two highly-qualified service technicians on staff, KP Squared is always staying ahead of the curve.
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Our Hauling Services

KP Squared offers heavy hauling services throughout Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region. Whether you need specialty heavy equipment for a custom construction project delivered to a job site or transporting oilfield equipment from one site to another, our experienced drivers understand the timeliness and care each job requires. 

Heavy Hauling & Oilfield Trucking

Heavy Hauling & Oilfield Trucking
KP Squared's business is predominantly in the oil and gas industry as well as heavy haul trucking. We have a large inventory of trucks for all of your hauling needs to ensure every job is completed with efficiency and safety in mind.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about KP Squared, our history and what we do.

What does KP Squared do?

KP Squared is a family owned and operated crane rental business, operating out of Northern Colorado. Our small yet efficient company has a large variety of work and customers we service.

What industries does KP Squared work with?

We have strong background in the following industries: Oil and Gas Commercial Industrial Mining

How did KP Squared come to be?

KP2 started with the idea of continuing a legacy. Our family has been in the crane business since 1946 as E.G. Perry and Sons in Montana. After E.G. Perry and Sons, the company evolved into Perry Crane and successfully ran for 30 years. In 2007, Perry Crane was sold to Marmon Group, which is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Although starting over in a different region, we are still a family operation as the next generation of father and sons take over. We have a passion for the crane industry and saw the need for our services in the Colorado and Wyoming area.

What sets KP Squared apart from competitors?

We are a small company, but utilize the latest technology and hold a high standard when it comes to quality. We offer all the same services, but without the difficulty of dealing with a large crane company. We are a customer-based company and aim to please. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. When working with KP Squared, you get years of experience that has been passed down from generation to generation.

What is KP Squared's mission?

Our objective is to make every customer feel like our only customer. We value safety and ethics, clean equipment and quality customer service.

What are some customers KP Squared has worked with?

We are proud of the work we’ve done and work with any and every gas-affiliated company as well as any construction-based company.

What is KP Squared's service radius?

Our facility is located in Nunn, CO, just north of Greeley, CO. This central location allows us to work in Colorado, Wyoming and other parts of the Northern Rockies. We have equipment that allows us to travel to any state and conform to any axle weights and laws.

What size cranes does KP Squared have?

Our inventory includes: - 50 ton (rough terrain) - 100 ton (truck-mount crane) - 220 ton (all-terrain) - 265 ton (all-terrain) - 275 ton (two on-hand, all-terrain) - 300 ton (two on hand, all-terrain)
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About KP Squared

A Family-Owned and Operated Crane Rental Company

Our Mission
Safety, reliability and expertise are what set us apart. We treat every customer like our only customer.
The KP Squared Team On-site

Safe. Reliable. Experienced.

KP Squared a family-owned crane rental company in Greeley, CO. The Perry family has deep roots in the heavy hauling industry, dating back to the 1940's in Townsend, MT and driven by their knowledge and passion for the industry, the multi-generational legacy continues on, in the family to this day. Rooted deeply in the industry, KP Squared does not compromise on quality, ethics or safety.
Owner Darcy Perry in front of newly purchased 300 Ton Liebherr
Owner Darcy Perry in front of newly purchased 300 Ton Liebherr
Our staff’s experience with heavy hauling and crane equipment spans multiple generations and we pride ourselves on the cleanliness, reliability and safety of our staff and equipment. Our small yet efficient company has a large service region, spanning Colorado, Wyoming and other parts of the Northern Rockies. We work with a variety of specialty industries, including oil and gas, commercial, wind generation, industrial and mining. Our inventory ranges from 45 ton to 500 ton crane, allowing us to accommodate many different projects.
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